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Happy Birthday Sarah Michelle Gellar!

"6 months ago I would’ve never imagined I’d have 243K friends to celebrate my Birthday! #Buffy #BTVS #CrazyOnes #Ringer TY for all the love"

"I see you’re angry, head clouded with lies. You’ve been betrayed and now, you fear what’s about to happen."

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In episode 10, there’s a nice, private moment that Ward has with Coulson - they’re in Lola, and I think they’re going to see a Centipede soldier’s sister, and they’re just having a conversation, finally, about their personal lives. Coulson brings up that he had someone in his past, a cellist, and that he had dinners at The Richmond, and that’s something that comes up later - that’s a tool Raina uses to help coerce Coulson to get into the machine in episode 11.

And then in “Seeds,” there’s really nice moment where Skye is standing at the wall of valor, and we hear Coulson’s voice off-camera saying that the world is full of evil, pain, lies and death - and the camera pans and lands on Ward when he says “lies” and “evil.” [x]

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